parcels HandlingServices

Worms United Shipping Agency is pleased to introduce easy & accurate parcels and spare parts clearance at Cairo airport with immediate dispatch of spares to/from the vessel.
The sender is requested to dispatch spares as follows:
M/V ………………… -  Spares of ship in transit
Worms United Shipping Agency
Address: Resta Trading Center, Port-Said, A.R.E
Port Said, Egypt
Direct Tel:(+2066) 3325837
Fax : (+20 66)3325870
E-mail :

Consignee in the AWB must be written as follow

 - AWB MUST show  spares of ship in transit
 - All parcels MUST be marked with AWB no.
 - All Original documents must accompany the cargo and detailed packing list should be included in the shipment.
 - All documents should be included in the pouch attached to the AWB. No documents should be placed inside the parcels.
 - Original AWB (with minimum two copies).
 - Upon dispatch, Must be notified together with copies of commercial invoice + AWB + detailed packing list.
 - Kindly ensure that parcels will arrive latest 48 hours prior to  arrival of vessel. Finally, kindly ensure that all wooden boxes/pallets are fumigated before shipment (and marked with the related fumigation stamp of country). Spare parts arriving Egyptian Airports which are not stored in Fumigated wooden Boxes/pallets and without the fumigation stamp on the wooden box/pallet will be rejected by Agriculture Quarantine Authority and subject to immediate re-export to place of origin for your own account. Forwarding the shipment to next port will not be possible