Container & Cargo Services:

Being agents of “Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha” (NYK Group) as one of the leading liner shipping companies in the world serving customers all over the globe, give us the ability to present a remarkable container services With a fleet numbering more than 155 container vessels to ensure reliable and comprehensive worldwide coverage.

NYK Group provides global services that encompass both the “hardware” and “software”aspects of marine, land, and air transport. As agents, our operational team headed by technical experts is able to attend all type of vessels at all Egyptian Ports with all respective services and Ship supplies, these services are supported in part through NYK transport of containers and cars, and the added value we provide through our terminal operations and harbor transport service.

International Freight Forwarding:

The Freight Forwarding industry is rapidly growing and undergoing development and changes in Egypt, and its now time that it gets the attention and importance that it has come to earn.
Worms United Shipping Agency (WUSA) is able to provide customers with far-reaching compound transportation services via marine, air or land logistics transportation through associating with the service networks of our subagents covering all areas around the world,
We worked steadily to develop what we considered to be the required business foundation comprised of people, facilities and a widespread client base. Continues hard work and progressive planning helped us to effectively meet our clients needs and stay ahead of competition.