:: Our company history

Worms United Shipping Agency (WUSA) is a multinational Company, established according to the Egyptian law between Worms Services Maritime (France) & Egyptian Shipping Agents Co., Worms Paris involvement with the Suez Canal goes back to the days of its’ construction since 1866, thus starting a long history of first class shipping services in Egypt.
In 1975, the same day of the re-opining of the Suez Canal, Worms United Shipping Agency success forwarded by Being a member of the Baltic & International Maritime Council (BIMCO) and being certified to the internationally recognized standards (ISO 9001:2000), we ensure professionalism and excellence to our clients.

:: Memberships & Joint Ventures

Worms United Shipping Agency (WUSA) an active member of The Baltic & International Maritime Council (BIMCO) as an independent international shipping association, with a membership composed of ship owners, managers, brokers, agents and many other stakeholders with vested interests in the shipping industry.

A member of The Egyptian International Freight Forwarding Association (E.I.F.F.A) as official organization dedicated to enhancing, supporting and leading this field to a successful and prosperous future.

Worms United Shipping Agency is an (ISO 9001:2000) certified. ISO stands for (International Organization for Standardization) is the world's largest developer and publisher of International Standards. ISO is a non-governmental organization that forms a bridge between the public and private sectors. On the one hand, many of its member institutes are part of the governmental structure of their countries, or are mandated by their government. On the other hand, other members have their roots uniquely in the private sector, having been set up by national partnerships of industry associations.

:: Mission & Vision

Our mission

• To provide the highest level of service to our customers, in order to build a trustworthy and long lasting relationship.
• Provide the best possible service to our customers.
• Provide reliable and dependable freight service all over the world.
• Be a reliable partner sustaining excellence and constantly striving to improve our competencies.
• Adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards.
• To be the best employer, promoting dignity, professional growth and personal pride for all of our employees.

Our vision

• Being a company whose employees and partners identify themselves with its goals and values.
• Expanding our shipping/freight services, sea and air, to the entire region, within the next 5 years.
• To be a leading competitive shipping and logistics company in the region, setting high level standards in the industry.